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Indian Idol

Sab Kuch Bhula De

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Indian Idol - A show so entertaining you, forget everything else. Packed with drama, excitement, humour, emotion, music and much more, Sony Entertainment Television brings you Indian Idol. A musical journey of a no body becoming the heartthrob of the nation. Join the contestants as they enthrall you with their performances.

What is Indian Idol?
Simply put, it's the biggest, most gripping entertainment show India will see. Judged by Farah Khan, Anu Malik and Sonu Nigam and anchored by Aman Verma and Mini Mathur, the show will, over the next few months, identify India's most exciting, its biggest and first Indian Idol. And what's more, the nation, will vote-in to decide, who it will be.

Who can be the Indian Idol?
To be an Indian Idol you need to be able to sing. In addition, a personality, a vibe with the audience and the ability to sing your way into the heart of every Indian will certainly go a long way in enhancing your chances. For it is not just about the one who sings the best but the one who makes the nation sing along. After all, its not just the jury you have to convince but an entire nation who will vote to choose you or eliminate you.

Winner of Indian Idol: abhijeet sawant

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